We territory unit alert to sure fraudulent sites that are not identified with Roku, still who guarantee to supply

Roku.com/link. These destinations can try to charge an expense or concentrate individual information. Roku readies any

outsiders to supply to investigate or offer specialized help to our clients. These tricksters produce official-looking site

page directing clients to supply their contact information so they will be reached by a help operator. These site page zone

units most ordinarily experienced once clients scavenge around for Roku backing utilizing a computer program and pursue

links to locales outside of the roku.com/link. All our client bolster site page

has URLs that opportunity to the roku.com area, for instance, support.roku.com. In the event that you discover a site page

whose URL focuses to a site separated from roku.com which implies to supply specialized help for Roku stock, the page isn't

connected by Roku and you should NOT pursue any headings on the page.
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